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See in which countries around the world Lodgit Desk is helping accomodation businesses boost their success and simplify their everyday tasks:

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Users testimonials for Lodgit Desk:

More and more lodging establishments successfully implement Lodgit Desk as their hospitality software. Some of them would like to tell you why they're glad to recommend it:

Andreas Pracht, Old Town Greifswald

We were looking for a hotel software for our small hotel in the old town of Greifswald for quite a long time. Recently we started using Lodgit Desk and we’re more than thrilled! Lodgit offers everything we need on our premises. It can be extended flexibly and it offers an unbeatable license model beneficial not just for the developers but also for us as hoteliers.

The installation is without difficulty and the initial setup can be done intuitively so that we hardly had to consult the extensive help function. When it comes to evaluating figures and data all required filters are already there and even export scripts for accounting software - like MonkeyOffice in our case - are available out of the box. This tremendously simplifies our every day work. Both guest management and accounting are done in a flash. Not least because - equipped with the suitable extension - Lodgit Desk allows working from multiple computers at the same time. We can wholeheartedly recommend Lodgit Desk.

The developers really gave profound thought to integrating the everyday life of hotel business into the functions of the program. The result is a piece of software that is really easy to use, genuinely offers an additional benefit and helped us considerably reduce the hours of work at our reception. To the developers: We’ll certainly stick with you! Thank you very much and keep it up! “

Andreas Pracht, Old Town Greifswald, Germany

Habiba Kreszmeier, am brunnen b&b switzerland

Our newly opened guest house in Appenzellerland needed a booking tool that is well-arranged, versatile and runs smoothly on a Mac. We did some research and fortunately found our winner: Lodgit Desk Hotel Software. It made a good first impression that lasted. The software offers plenty of features and it’s noticeable that the people behind it understand the needs of their users and offer fast hands-on help when it’s necessary. Lodgit Desk and the Lodgit team ensure that hosts can truly be hosts and that they don’t have to waste their time on unnecessary administrative work."

Habiba Kreszmeier, am brunnen b&b, Switzerland

René Hofmann, Ochelbaude

Being a hostel in Saxon Switzerland we’ve been using Lodgit Desk for a few years for the reservation of our customers. Previously we wrote down everything on sticky notes and would later enter it into the reservation book by hand. But then we switched to the modern, digital alternative with Lodgit. This makes our work so much easier! Everything is much faster and you have an immediate overview of the current bookings. We are very happy and recommend Lodgit Desk hotel software by all means!”

René Hofmann, Ochelbaude, Germany