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The easiest way to allocate accomodations

The smart graphical reservation schedule is at the core of the Lodgit Desk hotel software and offers direct access to all bookings in all buildings, be they hotels, boarding houses, holiday homes, holiday apartments, etc.

Important functions within the graphical reservation schedule:

  • Graphical overview of all units and their occupancy
  • Input of new bookings by direct entry into the reservation schedule
  • Simple adaptation of the booking period by dragging or stretching the booking from within the reservation schedule
  • Quick date selection using scrolling functions and keystroke combinations
  • Simple vacancy search within a specified time frame (room availability check) with automatic assessment of vacancies according to the individual categories
  • Condensation of separate bookings into a single group booking, also providing for the subsequent enlargement of the group if necessary
  • Room change after a guest has checked in (split booking)
  • Status change of the booking directly in the overview (confirmation, check in, check out, cleaning status, bookable online)
  • Creation of offers, confirmations and invoices within the schedule area
  • Variable zoom of the booking sheet using a slider
  • Colors for buildings, units and booking status can be assigned individually

Control and filter functions in the left sidebar:

  • List of all checked in guests (as well as guests arriving or leaving today) indicating regular guest status and existing guest notes, if any
  • Temporarily fade out individual buildings or types/categories from the overview, e.g. display only single rooms
  • Filter with which only the vacancies will be displayed in the booking sheet after carrying out a room search.
  • Display a room type or category’s available capacity after performing a search query
  • Quickview of object's occupancy rate for the selected time frame

Booking list for daily hotel management

The booking list below the reservation schedule is of valuable help for daily hotel management: the filter function allows for the swift execution of many important administrative tasks. Fruthermore you can see if there are any notes for a booking and the booking list can be masked at will. 

  • The following filters are available for the booking list view:
    • All online bookings;
    • Newly received online bookings;
    • Bookings with expired offers;
    • Bookings with expired return confirmations;
    • Bookings with deposits for which no partial invoice has been sent out;
    • Bookings with deposits that have not yet been received;
    • Bookings with invoice items that have yet to be charged;
    • Bookings with invoices of which the due date has passed.