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Guest management for a better customer acquisition

Lodgit Desk’s guest management shows you your guests’ complete address data at a glance. You can set the guest list to display only specific groups; either those you’ve assigned your guests to yourself or the automatic preset groups that come in with Lodgit Desk (such as the automatic group ‘email’ which lists all addresses that have an email address assigned to them).

  • List of guest groups as well as all guests comprised therein (e.g. the group “all” lists all guests)
  • Creation of your own groups and use of preset automatic groups
  • Search option via a universal search box (names, addresses, specific characteristics, etc.)
  • Set up and delete guests
  • Input and edit master data
    • Overview of all relevant data pertaining to one guest
    • Input the guest’s contact details (phone, fax, email)
    • Add individual data under “further details” (e.g. for hobbies, travelling documents, license plate, etc.)
    • Individual form of address as well as individual address format cover letters
  • Apply any number of notes for a guest  (chronological order; notes are scanned through)
  • Guest history
    • Display other guests that have travelled with this guest before
    • Overview of all the guest’s offers, confirmations, invoices, dunning notices and cancellation credits
    • Overview of miscellaneous correspondence with this guest
    • Booking history
  • Display the guest’s total number of bookings (regular guest function)
  • Automatic birthday reminders
  • simple address import using vCards or text lists in CSV format created using the usual software (Microsoft® Outlook, Apple® address book, etc.)

Write letters and emails to selected guests

The guest management allows you to send letters and emails to selected guests (automated form letters). The personal forms of address individually saved in the guest database along with the postal address format of the corresponding country or even an individualized template can be used at will.

Lodgit Desk always gives you an overview of the entire correspondence as all letters, offers, confirmations and invoices are kept within the guest management (history) as well as in a searchable archive.

Using an export interface, the guest data can also be saved as CSV text files which can in turn be imported by word processing software such as Microsoft Word™ for the creation of form letters.