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Booking guests and issuing offers, confirmations and invoices

All relevant data to a booking is entered in the booking window:

  • Ability to change the booking period, unit, price, price unit and booking status;
  • Identification as to whether the booking was carried out by an agent;
  • Issue offers (incl. return confirmations), confirmations and invoices;
  • Assignment of child discounts;
  • Insert and delete further guests within a unit;
  • Issue registration forms (special templates for all German "Bundesländer" and for Austria);
  • Add additional services (extras such as breakfast, final cleaning, etc.);
  • Add packages for special offers, arrangements, etc.;
  • Book discounts and credits;
  • Book deposits and vouchers;
  • Write notes concerning the booking and print them in different lists;
  • Display the other units within a group booking as well as the button for opening their respective booking windows;
  • Alignment of the accommodation prices with the valid prices from the pricing management;
  • Overview of the entire correspondence pertaining to the booking (incl. possibility of cancelling invoices).

Offers, confirmations and invoices are created automatically and can be sent by mail as well as by email. The necessary standard texts are saved as templates within the basic presets but can be individually adapted before printing and sending.

Upon creating the invoice, extras can be billed separately (split invoicing) under consideration of the different payment methods (such as cash, bank transfer, debit, cheque, credit card, paypal, …). The invoices can also be assigned to different addressees, as long as these have been registered and are present in the guest management.