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Making offers, confirmations, invoices and sales letters

Design your own letterhead, pick an individualized form of address for each guest and edit standard templates in Lodgit Desk’s preferences. An offer, confirmation or invoice can be created and printed in just a few clicks.

Here are the advantages offered by the integration of the entire correspondence within Lodgit Desk:

  • No extra word processor (or office package) required
  • The entire correspondence is available for viewing under booking, guest data and in the archive

From promotional mailing to offer through to confirmation (incl. reconfirmation) and invoicing, Lodgit Desk handles and carries out the entire correspondence with your guests virtually automatically.

Templates for special offers, arrangements and package deals

Lodgit Desk gives you the opportunity to easily create multilingual text templates for offers, confirmations, invoices and sales letters. Within these templates, you can save introductions and conclusions for future use, which you can then swiftly integrate into a new offer using a simple menu command. The program then integrates the desired templates into the offer window.

Hint: English and German language templates are already prepared so that you will only have to translate the extra items you have created in Lodgit Desk yourself.

Examples of usage:

Foreign guests: If you often have guests from other countries staying in your establishment, Lodgit Desk allows you to conduct the entire correspondence with them in their language. You can create templates for offers, confirmations and invoices in several different languages which can then be selected automatically based on the language setting in the guest file.

Special offer: In order to receive more bookings during the low season, you choose to send a 20 EUR voucher to selected regular guests. This discount can be entered with a negative amount under “extras”.

Arrangement: As an example, a template for a Christmas special could include a four-course meal and a nightly sleigh ride as extras, which you could set up as a package.

Package deal: Templates for included services, much like those that can be found in a number of hotels, can also be created within Lodgit Desk to include such services as breakfast, half board and full board.

Correspondence archive

All offers, confirmations, invoices and letters created within Lodgit Desk’s booking window and guest management can be viewed in the archive, which features the following functions:

  • Filtering offers and confirmations according to time frame and status (incl. status change function)
  • Printing out a copy of an offer, confirmation or invoice
  • Cancelling selected invoices
  • All lists can be printed at will