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Additional module: booking calender & owner-booking

Lodgit Desk users that have a valid Lodgit Desk license and acquired the additional module "Online-Systems", may make use of the feature "Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking" in order to:

  • View an online booking sheet, which is kept up to date using Lodgit Desk’s synchronization function;
  • Imbed a booking sheet for every rentable unit in your website (via link or iframe), depending on your needs;
  • Enter your own bookings from remote using the internet (owner-booking) and have them automatically carried over into Lodgit Desk.

View your own occupancy online

You can use this module on every computer or smart phone to view your establishment‘s occupancy and to perform a booking. You need only log on in the SSL secure login area on this website and access the online booking sheet at any time and enter bookings for your guests from there. These so-called online owner-bookings are carried over automatically into Lodgit Desk through regular synchronization, including complete address data and the guest’s payment method, if specified.

Imbed a calendar in your website

Online Booking Calendar for imbedding in your website

Aside from the online booking sheet, which displays the occupancy of all accommodations within a building, you can also choose to imbed a vacancy calendar for each individual unit.

Example of a Lodgit user: Vacancy calendar for a holiday home on the island of Sylt


The online booking sheet as an alternative to the online booking system

You can use the module "Booking Calendar & Owner-Booking" as an alternative to the online booking system if, for example, you, as owner of holiday homes, wish to accept no binding online bookings, but still wish to display your current vacancy along with your own booking request form. The online vacancy calendar can be inserted anywhere on your website using a code snippet (iframe).

Fees of the module "Online-Systems":

  • Monthly user fee of €1.80 per unit that you want to synchronize;
  • Can be acquired along with the Lodgit Desk license for any number of units (or subsequently, if Lodgit Desk is already in use);
  • No commission fees for online remote bookings, that is, bookings that you yourself perform for your guests.

Upon acquiring a new Lodgit Desk license or extending the one you have, the module can only be booked for the entire validity of the license. The subsequent addition of the module is always possible until the end of the validity of the current license.

Example: If your Lodgit Desk license is still valid for another 10 months, you may only book the module "Online-Systems" for the 10 months leading up to the expiry of your license.